Pa’ Umor is a small village in Bario Kelabit Highlands, situated in the heart of Borneo (Sarawak, Malaysia). It is located about 6 km east of Bario airport near the main river of Bario called Pa’ Debpur. It is built along the sides of an old abandoned grass airstrip that creates an open space in the centre of the village which the community uses as playground and for recreational activities. It has one longhouse and 10 individual houses comprising around 20 families.  Like other villages in Bario, Pa’ Umor features picturesque sceneries, peaceful, tranquil mood and cool temperature, especially at night (can drop to 10–15 °C).

Pa’ Umor is easily accessible by car and motorbikes from Bario airport, which is about 10 minutes of drive, but if you prefer to walk you can enjoy the natural beauty of forest vegetation and wild flowers along the road, which will take about an hour.

The village is of significant importance from historical, biological and environmental perspectives, as demonstrated by several archaeological sites and large area of pristine jungle in the close vicinity.