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The most popular tourist attraction in Pa’ Umor is the salt spring which has long history and tradition in Pa’ Umor.  It is the last active salt spring in the Bario basin that still produces the precious Bario salt. It is a commodity of high value not only to the Kelabits, but it is becoming popular outside of Bario, as well. The traditional Bario salt is ideal for cooking vegetables as it keeps the vegetable colour fresh and also beneficial for health thanks to high iodine content. At the moment, local salt production is still done in a traditional way on a small scale as natural resources are getting scarce.


Pa’ Umor village is also rich in flora & fauna. You can find nature just outside the doorstep. There are plenty of wild flowers, including orchids and pitcher plants along the road, trails and around the village to enjoy. Glowing mushrooms can also be seen occassionally, especially during night walks in the jungle.


There are several hiking and trekking trails around the village for you to enjoy beautiful scenery, nature, salt making and cultural sites. Disregarding your hiking experience or physical fitness, you’ll find a hike trail that suits you.

Some of the most popular hikes:

  • Batuh narit (Carved rock) – 10 min walk.
  • Main keramut (salt spring) – 50 min walk.
  • Benatuh Bulu’ Puren (burial jars) –  1 1/2  hrs Trek
  • Batu Pun Dukung / Tamah Pasang (cultural site) – 3-4 hrs Trek.
  • Pa’ Umor Conservation Camps:
    • Casuarina camp – 3 hrs Trek
    • River Snail camp – 3-4 hrs Trek
    • Rian Tasier camp – 3-4 hrs Trek
    • Hornbill camp – 3-4 hrs Trek
    • SilverLeaf camp – 4-5 hrs Trek

If you’re after remarkable mountain scenery, and amazing landscape, Pa’ Umor offers
multi-day trek through the network of trails in the Pa’ Umor Conservation Camp Trail.
This area forms part of the watershed that flows into the main river Pa’ Debpur, an unspoiled treasure of tropical flora and fauna. Although these treks are quite strenuous, the visitors will be richly rewarded by rich tropical flora, erected rocks, historical burial sites, and there are chance to spot wildlife such as silver leaf monkeys, civets, deer, hornbills, and enjoy beautiful views.


However, it is highly recommended to make a reservation for long trails in advance as these conservation camp sites can accommodate only a limited number of visitors and there are only few trained guides who are familiar with the area.

Also, being situated along the main river Pa’ Debpur, Pa’ Umor is attractive for activities like fishing, picnics, river swimming and boat trips to and from other villages outside rainy season.

If you like to stay close to some of the above attractions, you are welcome to stay in few of our simple, but comfortable lodge and homestays with very friendly, kind and helpful host.


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Contacts for the Village:

Adress: Kelabit Highland, Pa’ Umor, Bario 98050 Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Name: Rian John Pasan   +60 138128851
Pasang Ibuh          +60 198254554

Tel.: +60 13812885