Two new species of fungi from Pa’Umor published

Scientific journal Mycological Progress recently published descriptions of two fungal species new to science that had been discovered in the forests of Pa’Umor (see the paper at These very tiny mushrooms (only around 0.5 mm!) were named Octospora kelabitiana and Octosporopsis erinacea. The former name was given in honour of the Kelabit people and the Kelabit Highlands – the only region on Earth where it has been found. The latter name means erinaceous (hedgehog-like) and refers to the hairs resembling hedgehog’s prickles. Both of the fungi inhabit mainly untouched forests and both have a peculiar life style. They are parasites of small moss-related plants called liverworts or hepatics that grow mostly on boulders or fallen trees in or near forest rivers. These species are the very first representatives of this group of fungi discovered in Borneo, but many other similar species occur (not only) in Pa’Umor forests and wait for being discovered. Can you find them in the huge and yet so fragile jungle?

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